JSC Paragraph📖Class VIII

Paragraph A Village Fair You Visited.

A Village Fair You Visited

A grand village fair was held last Friday at Srremoddi Kalibari premises under a large banyan tree on the bank of the mighty river Jamuna. It was held on the occasion of the Pahela Baishakh, the Bengali New Year’s Day. This fair is held every year on the Pahela Baishakh. Therefore it is also called a Baishakhi Mela. It is very great faith in Homna Upazila. The fair held on last Friday broke the past records. Hundreds and thousands of villagers from far and wide attended the fair that continued from morning till evening. The main attractions of the fair included Nagor Dola, Magic Show, Jarigan, Kabigan, Baulgan and sale of local handicrafts. People of different professions were found to bring their own handmade articles for sale. The shopkeepers sitting in rows displayed their articles in an attractive atmosphere. Clothes, toys, cheap ornaments, cosmetics, fancy goods, utensils, bamboo-made articles, and many other attractive things were placed there. UNO, Homna with other govt. officials visited the fair and talked to the visitors. She also stressed the need for such a fair that focuses on our Bengali culture and heritage. Sufficient police personnel were engaged in ensuring security and maintaining law and order. So, no unexpected incident occurred on the occasion.