HSCHSC Paragraph

Paragraph: Bangladeshi Culture

Culture is defined as art, literature, music and other intellectual expressions of a particular society or time. Every country has a culture of its own. The Bangladeshi is as old as it is rich and diversified. Social and religious customs have a great influence on. it. A society’s culture is made up of all its ideas and ways of behaving. Language, music, ideas about what is bad and good , ways of working and playing, and tools and other objects made and used by people in the society-all these are parts of a society’s culture. The Bengalese have a rich traditional culture of their own. We have our own language, music and social customs which build up our culture. The elements of our culture are immense. It is like an idyllic picture of life. Folk songs, jatra-pala, jari-gan, baul-gan, puppet show, different religious festivals, new Year’s Day-Pahela Baishakh, etc. are the main elements of our culture. The people of Bangladesh are very hospitable. Marriage ceremonies are enjoyed here to a great extent. We have our own food habit e.g. rice and fish and our dress like lungi, shirt, shari and blouse. People are influenced by foreign cultures rapidly. Being influenced by the satellite channels, the entertainment business is getting westernized day by day. Folk music is now sung with western instruments. Band and pop music is becoming more and more popular. This foreign cultures are influencing our traditional culture. But we should keep our age-old culture of any cost.