SSCSSC Paragraph

Paragraph : Facebook


Facebook is a famous communication medium. It has some special criteria which make it adorable from others. In the present time, about 800 million people are using Facebook. Facebook is now available in 70 languages. It is a powerful manifestation of globalization reflecting both the high degrees of interconnections and the death of distance and that why it is now a famous and important communication system. Among all technologies, it is a two-edged sword with potential and valuable uses and detrimental abuses. Here we will focus on its educational uses and abuses of which there are many. Modern communities cannot think their modern life without social media like Facebook, Google Plus etc. Facebook has made the communication of the today’s people easier. One can share his or her ideas, States of his or her mind, status of his or her present conditions. Above all one can maintain close relation among the friends, classmates and other relatives. One can get his or her friends in no time. 10 to 15 years ago, when there was no social media, people used view cards or photos for exchanging greetings. Those greetings were delivered by post mails or e-mail. Post mail was very slow process. But today, through Facebook we can share photos, videos among our friends. We can keep connected with our friends and family members. But this great blessing of modern science has some demerits too. Many young boys and girls become addicted to it and give more time on it than studies. Sometimes, privacy is not ensured. Few senseless people post nude pictures. Seeing these pictures, the tender mind of youngsters severely damaged. A long term bad effects can be seen in those adolescents. Besides, many girls and ladies committed suicide because their enemy posted their privet photos or videos. Despite these few bad sites of Facebook book, it has great importance for the communication of modern people.