HSCHSC Paragraph

Paragraph on Road Accident

Road accident is now a common incident in our country. Actually, an accident happens unexpectedly and unintentionally what is an unfortunate incident resulting in damage or injury. It is an unpleasant occurrence. It occurs accidentally. It is increasing day by day. Thousands of people die every year due to street accident. Most of the road accidents take place in the urban areas and in the highways. It is taken place by buses, trucks, rickshaws, baby-taxies etc. The causes of street accidents are reckless driving, brake failures of vehicles, over-taking of one vehicle by another, driving by unskilled drivers. Over loading of vehicles is another reason for accidents. Another reason is violation of traffic rules. Even the police cannot control the traffic rule breakers. They dash the small vehicles and cause accidents. Sometimes pedestrians are crashed under the wheels of heavy vehicles. Sometimes the speedy vehicles fall into the roadside ditch or into the river and thus kill the passengers on the spot. Many lives are nipped in the bud. Many a family loses the only earning member. Many people become crippled. Street accidents make many children orphans. Many wives become windows. So street accident is like a curse in our life. This problem can be solved by all out efforts from both the authority and the general mass. To do so, first our general people have to be made aware. The drivers have to be skilled and they also have to avoid their overtaking tendency. And the authority should be more strict to enforce the rules. However, this problem should be solved by taking necessary steps. Traffic rules should be imposed strictly. Passers-by and drivers should be aware. Radio and television can play a vital role in this regard.