JSC Paragraph📖Class VIII

Paragraph : Women’s Contribution to Society

Women’s Contribution to Society

Woman is an important part of the world. But woman is not given so much privilege, as she needs to express herself. However, the role of women in nation building cannot be denied any more in the context of present reality of the world. It is not possible for any nation to get to goal without allowing women to play an active role. There was a time when women were looked upon without any dignity and honour. They were mere instruments to serve the family affairs. But with the progress of civilisation, the outlook and the attitude of the world towards women have changed. This is true not only for the western countries but also for the Islamic countries as well. And Bangladesh is not an exception to this. It may be safely asserted that the development of a nation depends on the women-folk too. A number of women in our country are working in different garment factories. By working in the factory they earn their livelihood and maintain their family. There are also many women who are working in government and nongovernment offices with their professionals nowadays. They are working and earning a lot not only for supporting their own family but also for contributing to the whole development of our country. The women of Bangladesh are developing themselves in every stage of life. They are now more conscious, serious and professional. They are getting educated as well as preparing themselves for competing with the male. The women are now enjoying their fundamental rights. But it is a matter of great regret that a number of women in both villages and towns in our country have to face a lot of social and religious bindings. But according to Islam both men and women should be given equal rights. So, government as well as the educated circle of our population should come forward to establish the rights of the women so that they can actively take part in nation building. Thinking women‘s contribution to society, our national and rebel poet Kazi Nazrul Islam uttered, ―What are great in this world, half has been done by woman half by man.



What is the women’s position in our society?

What is said about the potentiality of the women?

What is the most befitting industry for our women to work in?

What are other fields our women are contributing to?

What do you think about their future participation in the development works?

Answer: Women are a great working force in our country. They are half of our population. Our women are playing an important role in the country’s development. They are now breaking their prison walls and taking part in different occupations side by side with men. Many occupations are open to them. The garment industry is the best of them to mention. The garment is the most contributing industry in our country. Nearly ninety percent of the garment workers are women. Many women work on poultry farms. A large number work as construction workers. Many works as teachers in schools, colleges, and universities. They also work as bankers, lawyers, doctors, public figures, and administrators. Our ex-prime minister and present prime minister are women too. We expect their increasing participation in development works for the years to come.