Report on The Devastating Consequences of Drug Addiction

                                Consequences of Drug Addiction: Bangladesh Context

Shipon Ahmed; The Daily Prothomalo; Dhaka; 24th October,2019: Drug addiction, especially among the youngsters of our country, is rising alarmingly which, experts fear, will bring about devastating consequences for Bangladesh.

Youths are taking drugs being frustrated or simply out of fashion. But once they start taking drugs, they become addicted and cannot come out of the circle easily. But this addiction is creating a lot of problems. Drugs are usually costly. So, to manage drugs, youngsters are getting involved in different crimes including hijacking. As a result, peace and prosperity in society are getting barred. On the other hand, drugs destroy the physical and mental soundness of the users. So, gradually the drug addicts become a burden for their family and for the country in the course of time. So, we should not let the bright future of our near and dears to be ruined into darkness. The govt. as well as the entire conscious people should take a concerted effort to save our youngsters forms the cruel claws of drug addiction.