Story : A poor girl and a cruel lady

A poor girl, named Rina, worked in a rich man’s house. The house master was kind to her but the mistress was very cruel. She used to scold her now and then. One day while serving tea, Rina broke a cup of tea.

As the mistress flew into a rage, she poured the hot tea of her cup on the head of Rina and smashed on her forehead. The whole face of Rina burnt severely and her forehead started bleeding. Rina fell into the swoon and she remembered nothing. This all happened in the morning. The feeble master protested but the mistress did not pay any heed to him.

When Rina came into consciousness, she found herself tied with the legs of a bed. Her hands were aching seriously. It was very warm inside the room and the door was locked from outside. He couldn’t understand what time it was. She only understood that she was very hungry and there was nobody in the house. She again fell into a swoon in a while for severe pain and hunger.

She was awakened in the evening by the violent opening of the door. Her cruel mistress thrashed on the door and came near Rina. She started beating her with a stick. Rina was exhausted after day long pain and hunger. She even did not have the energy to cry. Her silence made the mistress almost mad. She ran out of the room and came with a hot cooking pan. She started to use the hot pot on her body and, the pan left severe burns all over her body. Rina was still silent. After a few moments, the mistress became tired after beating. She left leaving Rina unconscious.

Next day, when the master opened the door, he found Rina quite senseless. She was taken to a hospital. The doctor declared her dead. Poor Rina! Constant physical and mental torture stopped her living in the world, which was so cruel to her!


The cruelty of a housemistress completing story;

A poor girl named Rina worked in a rich man’s house. The housemaster was very kind to her. But the mistress was very cruel. The cruelty of a housemistress becoming very unbearable for her. The mistress used to scold Rina now and then. One day while serving tea, Rina accidentally broke a cup. The mistress became very angry with her. And she tortured Rina severely. She did not give any food to Rina for more than three days. The condition of Rina got worse day by day. After seeing the condition of Rina, the housemaster became very sorry. However, the housemaster was very kind. He thought something for her. He talked with one of his friends who had a garment factory. Then he requested him to take Rina in his factory. This time his friend agreed. One day, the housemaster took Rina to the garments and Rina started her new job. All her colleagues were helpful to her as she was referred by the owner of the garments. The housemaster saved Rina’s life. Thus he helped her to get a new life.