JSC Story📖Class VIII

Story: The Clever Fox and the Foolish Crow

Short Story on “The Clever Fox and the Foolish Crow”

Once a hungry fox was wandering in a forest, in search of food. Suddenly, she saw a crow sitting in a tree. It was holding a piece of meat in its beak. The big piece of meat attracted the hungry fox. She sat down under the tree and started thinking about some clever trick to get the meat. Suddenly a clever idea came to her mind. She began to talk to herself loudly, “What a lovely bird it is I “. “How bright is its black colour I” “I am sure the sweet bird has a sweet voice as well.educationsight.blogspot.com ” The crow got trapped by the rick of flattery. It looked down at the fox proudly, as if it was really a beautiful bird. The fox said to the crow, “Sweet bird, would you please sing a lovely song in your sweet voice?” As the crow opened its beak to Sing, the piece of meat fell down on the ground. The fox took the meat and ran away. She was very glad to have made a fool of the crow.
Moral : “Only fools are flattered”