JSC Story📖Class VIII

Story : The Man Who Wanted To Live Alone

Once upon a time, there was a peace-loving man named Ruplal. He lived in a village near a jungle. The village people were always quarreling and there was no peace at all so he decided to live alone in the nearby jungle. Consequently, he went to the jungle and built a nice but for himself. Thus he started passing his days peacefully. But one day, his peace was hampered by a little mouse. He decided to kill the mouse and so brought his cat. The cat killed the mouse. That’s why Ruplal thought that the cat should be rewarded. So the next day. Ruplal fetched his cow so that he could collect milk and feed the cat. But, within someday the cow grew thinner for want of food. So, he brought his younger brother to look after the cow. Ruplal had to build large but for his younger brother. As a result, Ruplal got many responsibilities though he wanted to live alone. It made him very upset. However, to share his responsibility and feelings with his wife Ruplal wanted to get married. When he discussed the matter with his parents. They agreed with Ruplal that he should come back home, He was not alone at all. So, finally, Ruplal realized that it is not possible for anyone to live alone.

Moral: Man cannot live alone