JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

Write a dialogue between a doctor and a patient about illness

Myself: May I come in, Sir?

Doctor: Yes, come in. Please have your seat and let me know your problem.

Myself: Thank you. I have been suffering from fever for a week. I need an immediate cure as my exam is near at hand.

Doctor: Do not get worried. Everything will be alright. Let me check you up thoroughly.

Myself: Along with my fever I have cough also.

Doctor: Okay, I see. What are the signs of your fever? When do you feel temperature high?

Myself: It is usually 5 pm to 10 pm.

Doctor: Do you feel any shivering sensation then?

Myself: Yes, I do.

Doctor: Do you get thirst then?

Myself: Yes, I get. I wish I could drink very cold water.

Doctor: Did you take any sort of treatment previously?

Myself: Yes, I was under the treatment of a village quack.

Doctor: Please, show me the prescription.

Myself: Here it is, Sir.

Doctor: Oh, I see. He has prescribed you wrong medicine. Yours is malaria but he has given you the medicine of typhoid.

Myself: Strange, indeed!

Doctor: Yes, let me prescribe you some right medicines.

Myself: Thank you, Sir.

Doctor: You are most welcome.