JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

Write A Dialogue Between Two Friends on Exciting Cricket Match


There is a dialogue between two friends on an exciting cricket match.

Mashuk            : Hello Sami! How are you?

Abdullah          : I am fine and what about you?

Mashuk            : I am also quite fine. Did you enjoy the cricket match yesterday between Bangladesh

and New Zealand?

Abdullah          : Certainly! It is the first time that Bangladesh defeated New Zealand. I am very

happy that I enjoyed the match in the stadium.

Mashuk            : What is your impression about the match?

Abdullah          : Oh, yes!  I was deeply impressed to see the performance of the two teams—

particularly the team of Bangladesh.

Mashuk           : Yes, it was a great surprise that Bangladesh beat the Ex-World Champion— New


Abdullah         : Exactly! You know New Zealand is one of the well-known teams in the cricket

world. And it is very interesting that they were defeated by us.

Mashuk           : Yes. But it true that the fielding of Bangladeshi players was excellent. They fielded

like a top class team.

Abdullah         : Certainly! And it was another reason that the New Zealand team failed to get high


Mashuk           :  In the end it was an easy target for the Bangladeshi batsmen. But our team was so

unpredictable that you couldn’t be surprised if they could not have achieved that.

Abdullah         : Definitely. But our batsmen also performed as well as the bowlers.

Mashuk           : You are right. I think Bangladesh will shine more in next matches and will bring

good name and fame for the country.

Abdullah         : Certainly! Our hope is not unreasonable.

Mashuk           : Yes, indeed! Thank you very much and let us wait for the next match.

Abdullah         : You are most welcome. Good bye.See you again.

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