JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the importance of a doctor and nurses in our country

Answer: A Dialogue about the importance of a doctor in our country.

Nila Hi Shakib, How are you?
Shakib I’m well. What about you?
Nila I’m also fine. Can you tell me, what’s your future plan?
Shakib That’s a good question. I want to be a doctor. What about you?
Nila Oh, that’s great! I also want to be a doctor. Would share me the importance of doctors and nurses in our country?
Shakib Sure. You know doctors and nurses help us when we are sick and need surgery or are treated in an emergency. I have a dream to serve the people of my country too. Now, tell me, why do you want to be a nurse?
Nila Like you, I also want to help people in our country by doing this noble service. Nurses play a vital role in our lives. They tell us to do what is good for our health. They help us when we are injured or sick. That’s why I want to be a nurse.
Shakib Could you explain why doctors and nurses are necessary for our country mostly?
Nila Doctors and nurses play an important role in our country. They use lab tests and other assessments to understand how our bodies function in a normal and sick state. They also prescribe us tests and medications.
Shakib You’re right. Both are  noble profession. Doctors and nurses are our best friends. They spoke politely to the patients.
Nila A doctor or nurse always tries to keep his patient comfortable and relaxed. He/ She always puts a smile on his face and treats his patients very softly.
Shakib Well said. I would like to say more that the doctors are always engaged in the service of the nation.
Nila Yes, you are absolutely right.
Shakib Doctors and nurses both are very important to serve the nation in our country. They are selfless and talented in their work. They inspire me the most.
Nila Yes, I agree with you. Thanks for sharing all the information.
Shakib You’re welcome.