JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

Write a dialogue between you and your friend about the use and abuse of Television.


There is a dialogue between you and your friend about the use and abuse of Television.

Samrat Listen to me, Boby, please.
Boby Yes, tell me please.
Samrat What do you think of the good effects of television?
Boby Advantages of television are so many – too many to count. In a word, the world comes close to our eyes with the help of television.
Samrat Right. Television is the most modern means of amusement [চিত্তবিনোদন]. It has also a lot of educative values. We can hear the speech of eminent [বিশিষ্ট] persons. It has proved its superiority over newspapers, radios and other means.
Boby Can we watch the news and views of home and abroad?
Samrat Why not? As soon as we switch on television, the news of the farthest corner of the globe appears before our eyes. We can see the current news through it. Don’t you think about its an important pastime?
Boby Your thinking is right. The dwellers of village as well as the towns watch TV as it is their pastime. They enjoy watching drama, jatra song live show of different functions and so on.
Samrat Everything is okay. But it’s true that every action has its reaction as well. Television has bad side also. It harms us when we misuse [অপব্যবহার] it. Doesn’t it?
Boby Definitely. I also shudder কাঁপা to think how so sweet can become so demonic [দুষ্ট]. It can drive people to the wrong way. Sometimes youngsters become addicted to enjoying and watching TV for all day long putting off the studies.
Samrat Obscene [অশ্লীল] pictures, kidnapping, immoral facts hijacking, looting etc. are shown on TV screens. Watching these harmful things people walk on the wrong way.
Boby The guardians as well as the authority should be aware [সচেতন] of the bad effects of TV.
Samrat Thank you
Boby Welcome. See you later.

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