JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

Write a dialogue with your friend about how to eradicate Illiteracy

Here is a dialogue between two friends on how to eradicate illiteracy.

Rehan: Hi, Asif, how are you?
Muntasir: I’m fine. And you?
Rehan: Fine too. I see you are absorbed in deep thought. Is there any problem?
Muntasir: Actually, I’m thinking about a great problem in our country.
Rehan: Which are you speaking of?
Muntasir: It’s our illiteracy problem.
Rehan: Oh, illiteracy! It’s a great problem as well as a curse for our country, isn’t it?
Muntasir: Exactly that, without education, no nation can develop.
Rehan: So, no development efforts can succeed unless illiteracy is eradicated.
Muntasir: What should we do then?
Rehan: We should work hand in hand to educate the illiterate.
Muntasir: We also need to create people’s awareness.
Rehan: Yes, of course. It’s the critical factor. Our Govt has already taken some steps to remove illiteracy.
Muntasir: We Mast co-operate with the Govt.
Rehan: Yes. We must come forward in this regard.
Muntasir: But Rakib, some people in our society are very poor. They are unwilling to send their children to school because of poverty.
Rehan: Indeed! It’s quite so. To persuade the poor parents to send their children to school, Govt has made primary education free and compulsory for all.
Muntasir: Not only this. The Govt. has already started a “Food for education” program to encourage the poor people.
Rehan: Yes, it is an epoch-making step, isn’t it?
Muntasir: Of course, But the Govt. alone can’t solve this problem. Every educated person must come forward to educate the illiterate.
Rehan: So, to make the program a success we must co-operate with each other.
Muntasir: If we are sincere in our works and deeds, nothing is impossible.
Rehan: That’s right. I’m to go now, friend.
Muntasir: Ok. Good bye, Rakib.



Here is a dialogue between two friends on how to eradicate illiteracy.

Myself: Hello friend, how are you?

Selim: Fine, thanks. And you?

Myself: Same to you. Where are you going?

Selim: I am going to attend a seminar on illiteracy problem in Bangladesh.

Myself: That’s really a nice topic. It is one of the great curses which should be eradicated within a very short time.

Selim: Happy to hear it. But how?

Myself: At first, education for the children at least up to class ten should be made free of cost as well as compulsory both for boys and girls.

Selim: Okay, you have made a very good comment. But I think besides this, there should be a system for the old.

Myself: For your kind information, there is a system for the old but they are not attending seriously.

Selim: In this condition, the government should take more steps to make them aware of the benefits of education.

Myself: Okay Apu. Sorry to delay you.

Selim: It’s okay, bye-bye.