JSC Letter📖Class VIII

Write a letter to your father describing your experience of hostel life

Write a letter to your father describing your experience of hostel life

09 August 2021

Kalabaghan, Dhaka

My dear father,

At first take my salam. Hope you are well. I am well too. Now I am writing to you about my experience of hostel life. You will be very happy to learn that our school hostel offers a good educational environment for the students. Now I am leading a new life here. All sorts of facilities we get here. We have to follow some rules and regulations provided by hostel authorities. Every day I wake up at 6’o clock. After getting fresh I go to have my breakfast to the mess till seven-thirty. After having the breakfast I rush to my classes. I return back to my room till 2’o clock after which I have my lunch. After having lunch I take rest for half an hour and then we three roommates chat and refresh our minds.  Then comes the time to concentrate on the studies. Before and after dinner we sit and study quietly. After completing the tasks we go to bed and take a sound sleep. In this way, we give time to every work of ours. We have a well-decorated dining room. We take our meals here. We have a common room, a library, a prayer room and a canteen in our hostel. There are necessary books in the hostel library. We are passing our leisure time by reading newspapers and magazines, playing indoor games and watching TV in the hostel common room. Our hostel super is a very good man and takes every care of us. Above all, I am keeping fine here. Don’t worry about me.

No more today. Convey my salam to mother.


Your loving son

Hasanul Mishu


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