JSC Letter📖Class VIII

Write a letter to your friend about importance of learning English

 10 February 2022

Dhaka,  Bangladesh.

My Dear “Rehan”,

At first, you will take my salam. I hope you are well by the grace of Allah. I am also well by the grace of Allah. I received your letter yesterday. In your letter, you wanted to know about The importance of learning English.

Today I am going to tell you about the importance of learning English. English is an international language.  It is very helpful for higher education and getting a good job. We can’t communicate with the outside world without English. The world business and international communication fully depends on English. Today almost all international sporting events, seminars and discussions are held in English. Any good jobs at home and abroad is not possible without a good command over English. Books on higher education are written in English. Almost all the information in computer and Internet is in English. To be a pilot, a good teacher, a good doctor, a famous lawyer, a great politician, a famous leader, a famous scientist, an engineer, an economist, a good soldier or a good tourist guide one must have a good command over this global language. So I like to advise/ tell you to learn English well in order to make life successful and fruitful.

No more today. Convey my regards to your parents and love to younger. With my best wishes to you

Yours Loving