JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

6. Write a dialogue between two friends on the preparation for the JSC examination.

There is a dialogue between  two friends on the preparation for the JSC examination.

Anik: Hello Amin, how are you?

Amin: Fine. Thanks and you?

Anik: I’m fine’ too. What about your preparation for the coming J.S.C Examination.?

Amin: Well, I’m going on well with my studies. But I’m worried about my exam.

Anik: It’s all the same about me too. But tell me about your preparation for different subjects.

Amin: You know I’m weak in mathematics. That’s why I’m taking special care in mathematics. I’m having a detailed revision of other subjects. What about your preparation?

Anik: Well, my revision in all subjects has been completed.

Amin: Well, what about your model tests of all subjects?

Anik: Model tests of all the subjects are frequently being taken in our school to ensure proper preparation.

Amin: Are you working with the test papers?

Anik: Yes. I have already taken preparation from test paper. I have solved the questions papers of various school’ test examination.

Amin: Very good. You are well on your preparation, I see. I must start working on the test papers. What do you think?

Anik: Yes. I think it’ll be helpful for your preparation. I wish you the best of luck.

Amin: Thank you very much.