JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

7.A Dialogue Between Two Friends on a Picnic Enjoyed Recently.

There is a dialogue between two friends about a picnic that they had enjoyed.

Sujon   : Hello Leza! How are you?

Leza     : I am fine and what about you?

Sujon   : I am also fine. You might know that we enjoyed a picnic at Maynamati.

Leza     : Oh, I see. I have also enjoyed a picnic at Sonargaon. The scenic beauty of the place was is


Sujon   : Yes, I know that Sonargaon is a scenic spot. Who were with you in the picnic?

Leza     : The students of our class organized the picnic. As a student of the class I participated in it.

Our English teacher Hasan Mahmud went with us.

Sujon   : I see. Mr. Hasan Mahmud is a very popular and friendly teacher. I think the picnic was more

enjoyable to all of you for him. Can you tell me about the picnic?

Leza     : Sure. On that day about 40 students along with our English teacher went to the spot by four

micro buses. We started at 7 am after taking our breakfast.

Sujon   : That’s very good. Had you any plan to cook food?

Leza     : Yes, we ourselves cooked biriyani at the spot. Our English teacher supervised everything.

Actually prepared food can’t give the taste of picnic.

Sujon   : Fantastic! However, we also prepared our own food at the spot. Picnic becomes more

enjoyable when foods are prepared at the spot.

Leza     : You are absolutely right. As we cooked the foods ourselves, the picnic became more

enjoyable to us. We also took our lunch at our heart’s content.

Sujon   : Exactly! You can find a different pleasure as well as a different taste when you cook your

own food especially in picnic.

Leza     : Yes, you are absolutely right. However, we enjoyed much on that day. The song, dance,

comic and games also added to our pleasure. In fact, the picnic was very exciting.

Sujon   : I see you really enjoyed much. Thank you.

Leza     : You are most welcome. Good bye. See you again.