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A Conversation Between Two Friends on Birthday

There is a conversation between two friends on birthday.

Fahim: Hello Nasid! How are you?

Nasid: I am fine. What about you?

Fahim: I am fine too. Why have you come to our house so early in the morning?

Nasid: I have come here so early in the morning to give you a surprise.

Fahim: Oh, my God! Now tell me what surprise you want to give me. I can’t hold my patience

Nasid: Today is my 16th birthday. On this occasion I am going to arrange a party in the evening Fahim. What a happy news! Happy birthday to you!

Nasid: No, saying happy birthday to you here is not enough. I’ll be very happy if you join the party in the evening. In other words, you must join the party.

Fahim: Of course, I’ll attend the party. Whom are you going to invite? Nasid: I have invited all my friends and some of my relatives.

Fahim. So nice! It’ll be a great fun for all of us. Anyhow, what are you going to arrange for the party?

Nasid: There is an arrangement for dinner for all the guests and after the dinner there will be songs. music, fun, etc. Fahim: I see you are going to arrange a grand party However, I think it would be too much enjoyable.

Nasid: I am trying at best to make it enjoyable. I expect you to come earlier

Fahim: Of course, I’ll reach much before the programme. I wish all success of the programme.

Nasid: Thank you very much. All the best.