SSCSSC Dialogue

A dialogue between two friends about getting vaccination to prevent COVID-19

A dialogue between my friend Rahul and me Taufik about getting vaccination to prevent COVID-19

Taufik:   Hello Rahul, have you heard that COVID-19 vaccination campaign is going on in our country?

Rahul: Yes, I’ve. Well, how much important is it for us to get vaccinated? O my friend, it is very, very important for us.

Taufik: How? Please explain the matter clearly.

Rahul : Well, listen. COVID-19 is completely a new strain of disease caused by novel coronavirus. Scientists have not yet found its specific medicine to cure it. Consequently, millions of people across the world have succumbed to this evil. Everyday the procession of death is getting longer. In this situation, we have no alternative to preventing this disease.

Taufik: O, I see. You mean, we have to try our best not to get infected with this disease.

Rahul: Exactly so. And for this, we have to follow safety rules such as maintaining social distance, washing hands repeatedly with soap and water or getting hands sanitized with alcohol- based sanitizer. Most importantly, we have to get vaccinated on priority basis.

Taufik: Why is it so important?

Rahul: Vaccine produces or develop antibody in our body and this antibody fights with this virus. Consequently, the probability of people’s getting infected becomes very little. And if they get affected, their antibody growing powerful can fight this virus well. That is, this virus will be unable to weaken the patients.

Taufik: O, I see. Then immunization is very important in this situation.

Rahul: Right. So, we should try our best to make this vaccination campaign successful.

Taufik: Sure. For this, we have to get vaccinated. Then we’ll convince other people of its significance.

Rahul: Completely right. Let’s go to the vaccination center right now to get the vaccine. After it we’ll carry on our awareness campaign.

Taufik:  Right you are.

Rahul: Ok, let’s go. Thank you very much for giving me so much time.

Taufik: Same here. We made an important discussion. Thank you too.