Annual Summative Assessment Guidelines for Class VI, Solution Day: 2&3

Day 2 (90 minutes/two consecutive classes)
Task Three (40 minutes)
In this session, students will be exposed to two illustrations/visuals and describe their feelings about the visuals. Specific focus here is on the formal and informal written communication.


Stationary (স্থির/ নিশ্চল)                                                     Stationary (দাপ্তরিক সরঞ্জাম)

Adjective (Not Moving)                                           Noun (Writing and other office materials)

Are you worried about using “a” or “e” in  “Station ——- ry”?

Let us picture a car that is parked outside.                               Picture an envelope.

Does a parked car move?                                                 Is this not writing of office material

Complete the following sentences.

  1. Kabir needs to buy some new stationery for school. including pencils, notebooks and paper.
  2. Mina’s car was stationary at the traffic light.

To do the activity, the teacher will ask the students to –
• Divide in groups of 4
• Observe the illustrations/visuals carefully
• Discuss on who/what are in the illustrations, what the illustrations are about etc.
• List all the things they like and dislike about illustration 1
• Again, discuss and list all the things they dislike about illustration 2
• Make the final draft of their lists
• Finally, present the list in front of the class
• Ask other groups to give their feedback

Solution: Illustration 2 is about a poor woman who is looking outside through window.


  • Colour Combination of the illustration 2.
  • Artistic aspects  of the illustration 2.
  • Sketches work of the illustration 2.


  • The woman is standing bare foot.
  • The room seems dirty.
  • The room is poorly furnished.
  • The illustration 2 is very short to understand clearly.

Take a 5-minute break
Task four (45 minutes)
In this session, the teacher will ask the students to-
• Work individually (The teacher will ensure that the students aren’t copying any of his/her friend’s answer script)
• Think of someone s/he likes to write a letter
• Decide his/her relationship (formal or informal) with the person, s/he will write the letter
• Write a letter to the person s/he decided earlier describing his/her liking and disliking about the visuals
• Use appropriate features of a formal/informal letter

• Write the final draft if needed
• Finally, submit the final copy
The teacher will keep the copy as a record.
06.01.03 Students interact using appropriate ways of greetings, addressing, refusal, and closing remarks according to the specific culture and context
06.03.01 Students practice democratic skills in different situations
06.03.02 Students encourage a democratic attitude in different situations.


Date: 15/11/2023

Komlapur, Faridpur

Dear Sister

Hope you are well. I am safe and sound. I am very excited to tell you about 2 illustrations of our English  Annual Summative Assessment. The first one is a diagram of two homophones: “Stationary and Stationery.” Stationary is an adjective which means “Not moving” and stationery is a noun which means “Writing or other office materials.” I like the diagram because it is easy to understand the meaning and application of both words although the sound of the two words are similar but their meanings are different. Disliking about the illustration 1 is that there is no photo in the description and no way to differentiate the two words by hearing.

The second one is about a poor woman. She was looking outside at something from her room through the window. The disliking about the illustration 2 are: the illustration is too short to understand it clearly; the woman was bare feet; the room seems dirty; finally the room is not well furnished. But I like the collour combination and sketch work of the illustration 2. Whatever, I have completed my assignment and feel pretty good.

No more toady. Give regards to parents and love to younger. Keep safe and sound. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your’s ever





From,                                                 To,

_________                                    ——————

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