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Composition on Satellite TV Channel

Composition on Satellite TV Channel

The present age is the age of science and technology. Many scientific inventions have made our lifestyle comfortable and enjoyable. The invention of science has brought the whole world into our living room. For the great contribution of science and technology. We are enjoying various facilities in our day to day life. Satellite channels are also the contribution of science.

Satellite TV channels are the most widespread modes of entertainment in the present world. These channels have a great contribution to our knowledge and education. They also have great recreational value. But at the same time, they have some negative sides too.

Satellite TV channels are television channels that broadcast programs by means of satellite. The broadcast programs are received in STVR or Satellite Television Receiver which we call dish antenna. The programs are then shown on television screens linked to the STVR.

In our country, various satellite channels got permission to transmit programmes in 1992. These channels broadcast day-long programmes. Satellite TV channels are nowadays very familiar to the people of our country. It is a very effective medium of recreation. The programmes shown on various channels are very attractive. The desire to know the unknown and to see the unseen is really fulfilled by the satellite TV channels. Channels of foreign countries help us to know the culture, tradition etc. of those countries. Through satellite channels, we can get the current news of the world. Some channels are very essential because they telecast up to date news of the world. By watching documentary channels like the National Geographic Channel or the Discovery Channel we can learn many things. Moreover, these channels are the best friends to the lonely and sickly persons to pass their time.

But satellite TV channels have some demerits also. Sometimes the channels do not match our culture. They telecast some programmes which affect the viewers very adversely. Consequently, the viewers watch these channels continuously and become lazy and idle. They sit on enjoying TV programmes neglecting their studies. This does great harm to their study. There are also some channels that telecast obscene programmes. These programmes influence young minds very distinctly. It is needless to say that these programmes degrade their morality and make them more aggressive. Now and then some viewers forget their own culture and adopt the culture of foreign countries. This is really a threat to our own culture and tradition.

Many satellite TV channels telecast obscene and vulgar films, dramas, music videos etc. which degrade the moral standard of our youngsters. Sensational murder and violence in films often make young people more aggressive. Moreover, young people, nowadays, are so fond of satellite TV channels that their lifestyle is greatly influenced by culture. So, many people consider satellite TV channels to be a cultural assault of the western countries on the developing countries.

Actually, the uses and abuses of satellite TV channels depend on the viewers. It is our responsibility to take the good things from satellite TV channels & avoid their bad or evil things. Besides, the government should put some restrictions on the telecast of satellite TV channels.