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My Favourite Author


My Favourite Author

Of all the great men who were born in the 19th and 20th centuries, Rabindranath Tagore is the most famous them. He was born at Jorasanko in Kolkata on the 7th May 1861 in the famous Tagore family. He is not only eminent in the Indo Pak sub-continent but also in the whole world. To speak the truth, his writings have enriched the field of Bengali literature in a variety of ways. Many of his writings have been translated into different languages. Consequently, the civilized world came in touch with Bengali literature and culture. He was honored with ‘knighthood’ in 1914 by the then British Government. But as a patriot, he disowned the same in protest of the atrocious massacre of Jalianwala Bagh at Punjab. Surprisingly enough, Rabindranath had no inclination to academic education. As a result, never in his life had he been able to continue his studies at any specific educational institution, and he had acquired no academic certificates in his life. He was even sent to London to study law at Cambridge, but this initiative of his guardians was in vain. Yet he broke the record of the literature of the whole world. Rabindranath started thinking poetically from his early childhood. When he was only twelve, he published his first book titled “Prithiraj Parajoy.” His first book of poetry “Banaful” was composed only when he was thirteen. From then on he went on writing and writing till his death. Rabindranath was a multi-faceted genius. There is no branch of literature to which he did not contribute. He easily and triumphantly roamed about in the realm of literature and enriched, and in some cases created, many branches of it. From the womb of his golden pen were born numerous poems, songs, plays, novels, articles, essays, treatise etc. He invented some genres of dances as well. He was an outstanding reciter of poems. He was a good performer too. It is dazzlingly surprising that he wrote so many books of poetry, novel, short story, prose etc that an endeavor to mention them here will increase the volume of this essay horrendously. Some hold the view that Rabindranath was an imperfect writer as he was indifferent about the life-struggle of the middle and lower-class people. But, in fact, a man who has the eyes keen enough and the mind mature enough will hardly dare make such audacious and stupid comments. Actually, what he wanted to observe and portray in his writings are the deep feelings conflicts and mysteries of life, rather than the way people live. He wanted to discover the unseen link between man’s limited life and the eternal existence of the omnipresent entity. That is why it seems to me, he observed life from a different viewpoint rather than on the social structure that may and does, change over time. I have very clear explanations why Rabindranath is my most favourite author. He was a man who looked into life with a keen eye.


I have read the writings of many writers but I like the writings of Rabindranath Tagore the most. He had a deep insight into human nature. He left his soul behind in the form of his works. He wrote a number of novels, plays, short stories and poems. All his writing advocate the Indian culture in all aspects. He won the Nobel  prize for his collection of poems, the “Gijanjali”. It made his famous throughout the world. His poems are full of beauty of nature, love of God and children. His song “Jan-Gan-Man” is our National Anthem. His novels “Gora” and “Wreck” are very famous. His short stories deal with touching human experiences. One cannot forget his stories like “The Human Coming”, “Cabuliwala”, “Subha” and “The Postmaster”. Tagore was a successful write in every field of writing. He is beyond appreciation, beyond comparison. He was a versatile genius. His best works have been translated in too many foreign languages. He was a symbol of the true culture of this country. His name will continue to shine in the annals of history. In short, he was such a great writer as is born in a country only once in many centuries. Such writers prove to be beacon light to the reading public.

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