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Paragraph: A Village Doctor


Paragraph: A Village Doctor

A village doctor is the most familiar figure in the village. He renders a very valuable service to the village people. He opens his dispensary either in the parlor of his house or in a room in the village market. He leads a very busy life. He examines his patients at his dispensary in the morning and gives them medicine. Then he goes out to attend the private calls. He goes out either on foot or by bicycle. He is seen to attend the patients with an air of a qualified doctor. He is very regular in his duties. He takes special care of his patients. He looks upon them as his own relatives. This is why he is loved and respected by one and all in the village. He is badly needed in the village. It is because qualified doctors are hardly available in the village. He always gives good advice to all and soundly. Moreover, they can have cheap treatment under him. Not only that they always find his by them in their weal and woe. Thus a village doctor acts as a great friend to the village people. Though a village doctor is not a properly educated medical practitioner, his service is useful to the village people. They readily get his service. And in most cases, he is successful in curing his patients. If he finds, the disease a serious one, the village doctor advises the patient to call a qualified doctor or to take him to a hospital.

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