SSCSSC Paragraph

Paragraph: A Visit to a Place of Historical Interest

Historical place means the place which has a historical significance. Though Bangladesh is a small country, it has many historical places. When we knew about them from our English teacher, we expressed our interest to visit one of them. We selected Shat Gombuj Mosque to be suitable for us. Since it is far away from Dhaka and it needs at least three days to stay out of home, we took permission from our parents. We made our English teacher agree to guide us in this tour. We were 40 th participants in total. We made a budget and subscribed two thousand taka per head. We reserved a luxurious bus for the whole tour. We started journey from our college campus at a moonlit night We were very excited and so we enjoyed the journey in full merriment. At dawn we reached at Bagerhat and went to the rest house for Shat Gambuj Mosque, the expected place of our tour. It took only twenty minutes to reach there. We were all astonished to see a 15th century enormous Islamic edifice covering a large area. Entering the Mosque premises, we could recognize the Mughal architectural evidence in the building of the mosque. We talked to the imam of the mosque and came to know many information about the mosque and its founder Khan Jahan Ali. We entered the mosque and saw the pillars and walls which are decorated with tiles of terracotta. Then we went to the Ghora Dighi at the same premises. Our interest increased more and we wanted to visit the majar of Khan Jahan Ali, After enjoying the whole tour we returned to Dhaka with full satisfaction. It was one of the most interesting experiences of my life to visit a place of historical interest. The architecture of the mosque is attractive. The tank near the mosque is nice to look at. Its opaque water is sacred to all irrespective of caste or creed. Now it is one of the greatest tourist attractions.