HSCHSC Paragraph

Paragraph: Corruption

Corruption means practices or decisions taken that result in unfavourable solutions for lesser parties. When there is moral degradation, and no amount of honest valuation can make you realise that you have gone on the wrong path, it leads to Corruption. Corruption also means committing crime and mischief to the country. It causes a great harm to the countrymen. None can escape from the harm of corruption. Today, No country is immune to the disease of Corruption. All and every country takes part in it involuntarily because that is the key to unbelievable success and power. And power comes from the amount of money, so people morally degrade themselves and run in the wrong direction for cash. There may be a difference in the amount of Corruption in all the countries, but it exists all the same. It is a social malady. It spreads its greedy clutches all over the country. Today each and every government sector of the country is badly affected with it. Government officials, clerks, secretes even ordinary peons, security officers and so on are involved in corruption. They take bribe from the common people for giving to raise voice against the galloping corruption. However, there are many reasons behind this corruption and the reasons are not far to seek. The greed for power. pelf, wealth and money is the root cause of corruption. Avarice, dishonesty, nepotism and favourism are also responsible for corruption. The result of corruption has a far-reaching effect on socio-economic condition of our country. It once made the country a bottomless basket. It has slowed down the economy and made the country poorer. It hinders the development programmes. The widespread practice of corruption should not be allowed to go unchecked. The corrupt people should be punished by enforcing law. It should be checked, prevented and controlled at any cost. It is greatening to note that the independent Anti Corruption Commission set up recently, has been working seriously to check corruption.

Word Meaning

English বাংলা
01.   Mischief

02.   Malady

03.   Clutches

04.   Ordinary

05.   Involved

06.   Galloping

07.   Avarice

08.   Nepotism

09.   Favouritism

10.   Far-reaching

11.   Widespread

12.   Enforce

13.   Unchecked

০১. অনিষ্ট

০২. ব্যাধি

০৩. নিষ্টুর কবল

০৪. সাধারণ

০৫. জড়িত

০৬. দ্রুত ধাবমান

০৭. লোলুপতা

০৮. স্বজনপ্রীতি

০৯. প্রিয় পোষণ

১০. সদূরপ্রসারী

১১. ব্যাপক

১২. কার্যকরী করা

১৩. অনিয়ন্ত্রিত