HSCHSC Paragraph

Paragraph: My Favourite Bangladeshi Food


The people of Bangladesh are voracious. They love taking foods. The foods that people in Bangladesh commonly eat are rice, fish and pulses. People also eat wheat, potato and other seasonal vegetables, sweet potato, beef, mutton, chicken, eggs, bread and other bakery products, sweet-meat and all sorts of local fruits. Some other common but occasionally eaten foods are polao, biriani, chicken roast and chicken rejala, different kinds of kabab, mutton curry and beef curry. All these, we call common foods because these are available everywhere in Bangladesh and people like them very much as well. We can find them around us. These items are available in the market round the year. We have a large variety of foods in Bangladesh. Mostof them are fruits. Among the fishes, the hilsha is very tasty. it is our national fish. Our national fruit is jack-fruits. Some rice items, like khichuri and polao are also favourite to me. As snacks, we have dal puri, kabab, roti, singara and so on. I like all these things. Among the seasonal foods, I like the pithas in winter. Banglasdeshi women are expert in making hundreds of different types of pithas. There is a saying that Bangalees are fond of eating. This statement is quite right at least in my case. I eat different Bangladeshi foods and feel proud.

Word Meaning

Englis বাংলা
01.   Voracious

02.   Seasonal

03.   Occasionally

04.   Mutton Curry

05.   Beef Curry

06.   Available

07.   Delicious

08.   Nutrious

09.   Juicy

10.   Favourite

11.   Statement

12.   Proud

০১. পেটুক

০২. মৌসুমি

০৩. মাঝে মাঝে

০৪. ভেড়ার মাংশের তরকারি

০৫. গরুর মাংশের তরকারি

০৬. সহজপ্রাপ্যা

০৭. সুস্বাদু

০৮. পুষ্টিকর

০৯. রসালো

১০. প্রিয়

১১. বক্তব্য

১২. গর্বিত

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