HSCHSC Paragraph

Paragraph: Eve Teasing

Eve teasing means harassing women. It is a heinous act. Young girls are the common victims or the main target of this heinous crime. Young boys who have gone to the dogs are the common eve teasers. They get fun out of eve teasing. When they see any young girl or woman passing by, they pass comments towards them. At this, the girls or women feel very embarrassed and dishonored. Eve -teasers even do not hesitate to tease the mother of a girl. As a result, the situation has become very difficult for girls. If anyone protests Eve -teasing, the teasers become violent and threaten the person who protests. They even threaten girls to death or physical torture. In this regard, it is very difficult to tolerate the situation. Girls are afraid of going out. They even feel insecure to go to schools and colleges.  They say something objectionable about our girls, pull their cloths, push them back. Even they do not feel hesitant to harass girls sexually. Sometimes girls are physically assaulted by the eve teasers. There are some causes of eve teasing. Carelessness of guardians towards their issues, want of strictness of parents, influence of western culture and custom, looseness of character, want of social awareness and strict law and order are some of the causes of eve teasing. The effects of eve teasing are very dangerous and dreadful. The victims stop going outside, especially to academic centers. They lead a life of seclusion. Even being victimized by eve teasing they do not feel hesitate to commit suicide. Isn’t it the failure of our society  it the failure of our society to protect girls from committing suicide? I really hate the ever teasers. The law enforcing agencies should be made alert to prevent eve teasers with iron hands. Moreover, social awareness among people of all classes should be raised to stop eve teasing.