HSCHSC Paragraph

Paragraph On Victory Day

Victory Day

Bangladesh is an independent country that gained independence in 1971 with a brutal war against Pakistan. It was known as East Pakistan at that time and it was a part of mainland Pakistan. Pakistan got independence in 1947 and Bangladesh got independence on 16 December 1971. On 16 December, the Pakistani army surrendered and that’s why this date is called it victory day of Bangladesh. It is a national holiday. There are only a few celebrations in Bangladesh that comes with so much excitement and celebration. People of every age come to celebrate this day. After the war of nine-month and sacrificing so many lives, we achieved independence. All of the schools and colleges arrange so many types of competitions. Students participate in debates, dances, music, and sports competitions. Then they arrange a prize-giving ceremony. The teacher shares the glorious story of independence on this day. People of Bangladesh remember all the martyrs in this day who sacrificed their lives to make this a free country. This country has been achieved after a very hard battle. That’s why Victory Day of Bangladesh is highly important in Bengali life. And as a result, we got an independent and free nation called ‘Bangladesh’. Finally, after the war, the Pakistani army surrendered to the Indian Chief in Dhaka with 93,000 soldiers. It is the biggest day for the entire nation. People of Bangladesh celebrate this day with huge fun and celebration.  It brings happiness to our life. The schools and colleges are the main places to celebrate this. You can see the Bangladeshi flag everywhere in the country on this day. Every kid should know about Victory Day of Bangladesh.


The 16th December is observed as the Victory Day in Bangladesh. On this day in 1971, Bangladesh became independent. We celebrate this day every year with due respect and solemnity. People from all walks of life celebrate the day to show their profound respect to the martyrs.  Government and non-government organizations arrange many cultural functions and radio, TV broadcast special programmes highlighting the significance of the day. The day is a public holiday and the National Flag is hoisted atop all the public and private buildings. I go to the National Memorial at Savar to pay homage to our martyred freedom fighters. On that day, we remember those heroic souls of the soil at the cost of whose blood victory has been achieved. It is the day of great pride and jubilation. On this day I feel for the martyrs who sacrificed their lives in the war. Their strength and sacrifice inspire me. The Pakistani occupation forces killed thousands of innocent people, tortured innumerable women, killed many intellectuals of the country. After nine months of fighting we have achieved the golden sun of independence from the barbarous Pakistanis. The sacrifice made by the martyrs will act as a perennial source of inspiration for me to work for the country. The symbolic meaning of the day is that we have won victory over our enemies, the Pakistani rulers. The people of Bangladesh proved the fact, that freedom is the birth right of man.


The 16th December is the Victory Day of Bangladesh. It is the most memorable day in the history of our country. After a nine-month long bloody battle we won victory on this day. The Pakistani Army were compelled to surrender. Bangladesh occupied a place in the world map as an independent country. Every year we observe this day with due solemnity. We remember the supreme sacrifice of the patriotic heroic sons who laid down their lives for the country and we pay glowing tribute to their departed soul. The day begins with gun shots. The whole country puts on a festive look. The national flag is hoisted on the top of each house and office. The whole atmosphere is resounded with Bangabandhu’s fiery speech of the March and the patriotic songs. The armed forces of the country organize special parades and gun-shots. The Prime Minister and the President took salute from them. Political leaders and people in general visit the National Mausoleum at Savar.  They offer flowers there to show their heart felt love for the heroic sons who died for the cause of freedom. Meetings, seminars, symposiums and discussions are held on this day by different govt. and non-govt. organizations. This day is a day of great joy, hope and inspiration. This victory symbolizes victory against injustice, tyranny and falsehood. This day will remain ever fresh and ever green in the heart of each and every Bangladeshi.