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Paragraph: Prize Giving Ceremony Of My School


The prize giving ceremony is an exciting day of joy and happiness, to the students. On this day prizes are given to the students for the best performances both for academic and for co-curricular activities. It was the end of our First Terminal Exam when the annual prize giving ceremony of our school was held. We had been waiting for this day eagerly. So, it created great enthusiasm among the students. It was the month of May and all of us took active part in the month long programme of the annual sports and cultural functions. A big rostrum was built in front of our school building. The rostrum was beautifully covered with cloth. A nice gate was built at the entrance. the way leading to the rostrum was decorated with flowers and festoons. Sitting arrangements was made in front of the rostrum. Before the beginning of the main programme, the headmaster, the chief guest, the teachers, the guardians and other invited guests took their respective seats. The honourable Minister of Education was the chief guest at the function. The Headmaster of our school presided over the ceremony. The function started at about 11:00 a.m. The chief guest gave a speech which was very valuable for all of us. Then the prize giving ceremony began, I won three prizes; one for recitation, one for debating and the other for high jump. I got two books and a beautiful pen as prizes. after the function I felt elated because I had never won so many prizes at any function. It was a memorable day for me. It inspired me to work hard to attain success in sports and academic activities. I will never forget the last annual prize giving day of our school.

Word Meaning:

Enthusiasm: প্রবল আগ্রহ; Rostrum: বক্তৃতা মঞ্চ; Elated: অনুপ্রাণিত


The Annual Prize-giving Ceremony of your School

The Annual Prize-giving Ceremony of our school is celebrated each year on
12th January. On January 12 each year, this ceremony is held with grandeur and furore. This year, the Annual function was held in the evening. Dr. Shekhar Ghosh, a famous and reputed physician, presided over the programme. The guardians, students, and many other gentlemen and ladies attended the programme. Rohit, a student of class IX, sang the opening song. Then, Sourav Roy, the headmaster of our school read the Annual Report. He praised and thanked the students who had done good results in the last Madhyamik Examination. Many students recited poems. Ratul, Abir, Arnab, Sneha sang good songs. Chorus songs were also sung by a group of girls students. A one-act play was staged by the boys. It was highly praised by the audience. Then the President delivered his valuable speech. He asked the students to be dutiful to society and gave emphasis on their behaviour. At last, the President gave away the prizes to the deserving students. On that day the sports prizes were also given. The headmaster thanked all the guests and guardians who were present there. Thus the prize-giving ceremony came to an end with a closing chorus song.


Or, [346 words]

The prize giving ceremony is an exciting day of joy and happiness, to the students. On this day prizes are given to the students for the best performances both for academic and for co-curricular activities. The last prize giving ceremony of our school was held on the 23rd January 2020. It was held in the school auditorium. The auditorium was beautifully decorated with colorful papers and festoon. A gate was erected nicely to welcome the chief guest and other honorable guests. The Director General of Secondary and Higher Education, Dhaka, was the chief guest of function. When the chief guest arrived, the headmaster and other teachers received him at the gate. The scouts of the school gave him a guard of honor. Our headmaster presided over the function. It was 3 pm when the function began with the recitation from the Holy Quran. Two little girls then garlanded the chief guest and the president. The headmaster then read out the annual report of the school. He gave an account of the progress made during the year. He also spoke about many problems of the school with an earnest request to the govt. to come forward in solving them. After the headmaster’s report, the prize giving ceremony began. The assistant headmaster of our school called the names of the prize winners and the chief guest gave away the prizes. The distribution of prizes came to an end in an hour. After the distribution of the prizes the chief guest delivered an important and instructive speech to the students. He advised them to be very attentive to their studies and keep themselves away from politics and other undesirable activities. He advised them to build up their character to become good citizens of the country to discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them. Finally, the assistant headmaster of the school gave a vote of thanks to all who attended the function and to others who worked hard for the success of the function. The function came to an end with a variety show performed by the students of the school.

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