Class Seven English Assignment No: 01 (2nd Week-2022); An informal letter to a friend inviting him to attend my birthday party with a map

Komlapur, Faridpur
22th February 2022

My Dear Abdullah

At the beginning of my letter take my cordial love. I hope you all are well by the grace of the almighty Allah. I am also fine with my family. You know the 5th of March is my birthday. We are going to celebrate the birthday with my friends and family members. As you are one of my best friends, I want you to join the party to do enjoy. Therefore, I would like to request you to join us by 4th of March as you know there are many things to be arranged. And I totally depend on you. So, do not be late, but reach on time. I attached here my home location from the bus stop.

Here is a map from the nearest bus station to my home:

The instructions from the bus station to my home are followings:

As soon as you reached the bust station, there is a gateway along the left side of the road. Walk on it and after taking a few steps you will find a highway. Go straight to it. Now turn right on the subsequent corner of the street and you will find a market there. When you will cross the market, you will find a petrol pump. My house is next to the petrol pump. For more comfort you can follow the pathway of this figure from A.

Convey my regards to your parents and affection to the younger. No more for today. Eagerly waiting for your feedback and hope to meet soon.

Yours ever,

Rohit Sharma



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