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Paragraph : Traffic Jam

Due to some causes if a number of vehicles remain still and cannot move, then it is called traffic jam. It is a common affair in big cities and towns in our country. It usually occurs in the busy areas of a city or town. It is a major problem in that city. people face every day. There are many causes of traffic jams. Population explosion is one of them. Compared to the number of people we have no adequate facilities. Our roads and streets remain almost undeveloped whereas vehicles increase rapidly. These vehicles do not get sufficient space to ply through the roads. Consequently, a traffic jam occurs. Besides. our traffic control system is not sufficiently developed. People do not want to abide by traffic rules. Various kinds of vehicles such as buses, trucks, micro buses. CNG three-wheeler, rickshaws, pushcart, etc. run as their will. One vehicle tries to overtake others. Then they are stopped on the road. Sometimes the jam is so severe that the vehicles remain still at a place for hours together. It causes untold sufferings to the people who move on the vehicles as well as on foot. It kills our valuable time and hampers, our work. This problem can be solved by adopting some effective measures. Traffic rules should be imposed strictly. Well planned spacious roads should be constructed. Public awareness is also needed in this respect.


Traffic Jam

Traffic jam is a situation in which a long line of vehicles on a road stops moving or moves slowly. It is created when there is a huge amount of vehicles on a road than its capacity. It is a common problem in all megacities around the world. In our country, Dhaka, Chattagram, Gazipur, Narayanganj, etc districts are seriously affected by traffic jams. Poor transport management, violation of traffic rules, lack of roads and highways, unplanned city, lack of coordination in development and maintenance works on the roads, etc are the causes of traffic jams. Where Bangladesh is an overpopulated country, its roads and highways have not been modernized according to the demand. Again with the increased population, the roads have become insufficient and cannot accommodate the large number of vehicles and their movements. Besides our cities aren’t built in an organized way which has made the roads narrowerer, too much zig-zag and several junctions in a small area.These problems create a mentality among the drivers and passengers to move the high traffic areas quickly. Thus, they cross vehicles violating traffic rules and the situation becomes more problematic. Many unplanned development works are done on the road, mismanagement, and lack of coordination among Govt. departments also lead to huge pain and suffering for the common people on the roads. We face traffic jams not only at a specific busy time, rather it is seen all day long both in the megacities and towns because of the carelessness of drivers and fitness-less public transport. Parking space is insufficient in the cities and the vehicles park alongside the roads and highways which shrinks the road making the situation worsen. A report published by the World Bank shows that the average traffic speed in Dhaka city is 4km/hour which is slower than the walking speed. For traffic jams, life in the city has turned into horrible nightmares. The movement of vehicles in big cities has become almost impossible. Many people fail to attend their office on time which causes loss of important working hours. The students, workers, employees, rickshaw pullers, and drivers suffer a lot from the slow speed toward their destination. Thus they become annoyed sitting in the vehicles and hearing the sound of the horns and suffer from various mental and physical problems. In addition to pain, traffic jam has a significant economic loss for the hand-to-mouth lower-class drivers, helpers, and related people of the transport business as the number of passengers decrease by a good amount and they face a waste of fuel because of traffic jam. The worst sufferers are the dying patient who needs emergency treatment heading toward the hospital but are stucked in a traffic jam. Our government has taken many steps, but these are not enough and more time consuming. Construction of new and alternative roads and highways in a planned way, investment in public transport and controlling private cars, the establishment of a modern traffic control system, creating enough parking space for vehicles and footpaths for walking, implementation of traffic rules, etc can solve the problem. Along with this, the mentality of general people and drivers towards traffic jams is to be changed to create an overall disciplined and safe road. Traffic jam problem must be solved by the combined effort of government and the public to stop the economic loss and sufferings.