Report on Fire at a garment factory

          A devastating / massive / serious fire accident in a garment industry / factory

 Safin, / Staff reporter, The Daily Star, Mirpur, Dhaka, December 13, 2018:   Yesterday, a devastating or massive or serious fire accident took place in a garment factory / industry named ‘Synthia Garment’ at Mirpur in Dhaka. It was 8-storeyed. After meeting with several workers of the factory / industry it was known that smoke engulfed the whole building at 1pm and people of the building were found to be hurried to come out.

Some of the workers assumed that the fire was originated from the short circuit where a lot of burnable chemicals goods were kept. Unfortunately, there the extinguishing system was too much insufficient. So, the fire spread very fast. About 600 workers and 50 officers of the factory started running to and fro to save their lives in a body. But the staircase of the building was so narrow and there was no emergency escape way. As a result, 7 workers and an officer fall victim to death and hundreds more were injured.

Fire Brigade and Civil Defense reached the spot (garment factory or industry) after half an hour. They could be able to bring the fire under control after a relentless effort of six hours. The govt. has formed a committee to investigate the matter. The injured have been admitted into Mirpur Sadar Hostial.