Write a report on Price Hike

       Inconceivable Sufferings of People / The rising pricing of essential commodities

Sumon, District Correspondent / Staff Reporter, The Daily Prothom-alo, Rajshahi, 22 January, 2019: The prices of essential commodities are going up leaps and bounds in the market of Rajshahi city. After visiting the markets it is found that all previous records of high prices have been broken. Now it is beyond the purchasing capacity of the common people.  Rice, meat, fish, chicken. Kerosene oil, soybean oil, vegetables are being sold at exceedingly high prices. Soybean oil is being sold 120 tk per litter which was sold 80 tk a month back. Kerosene oil is being sold at 70 tk per litter. Similarly fish and meat are being sold beyond touch of the capacity of common people because of its high prices. Even for the recent heavy rainfall the prices of the rice and vegetables have been increased abnormally. Besides sugar, washing soap, onion and other spices are being sold as the sweet will of the shop keepers. It is also learnt from the customers and retailers that powerful business syndicate are responsible for this price hike. Moreover, some dishonest businessmen store essential commodities with a view to make huge profit. If this rising trend is continued and the concern authority or Govt. does not take a hand in the matter, the sufferings of the common people will know no bound.