Story :Industry is the key to success

Industry is the key to success

Once upon a time there lived a very rich farmer. He had three sons. They were very healthy and strong. But they were very lazy. They spent their time in idleness and pleasure.

The farmer had grown very old. He feared that he night die at any time. He had been trying to make his sons work hard. But they did not listen to his advice.

One day, he called his three sons. He told them that there were some hidden treasures in his fields. They would have to find them out. So, he advised them to plough and dig the fields well. He told them further not to sell any piece of their land.

The old farmer died after sometimes. His sons did not forget what their father had told them. They ploughed and dug all the fields well. They did not leave any part of their field unploughed. But they did not find any treasure. However, they sowed the field well.

In time the fields were covered with young plants. Soon they grew up and they got a good harvest.

Now they understood that their father had cleverly put them to work. They had been lazy and they did mot follow their father’s advice. So he had found out this trick of making them work. They were happy that their father had done so and taught them a lesson. They were no more lazy. So they worked harder and harder and their wealth went on increasing. They became rich and happy.