SSCSSC Dialogue

Write a dialogue about the necessity / importance of learning English

Write a dialogue between Rahim and Karim about the necessity / importance of learning English


Rahim : Hi, Karim.

Karim : Hello, Rahim.

Rahim : How are you?

Karim : I am fine, thank you. And you?

Rahim : I am also fine. Thank you too.

Karim : Yesterday I heard, you have completed a course on English. Isn’t it true?

Rahim : Yes, it is true. I have completed a course on English.

Karim : Oh, very good. Can you please tell me the importance of learning English?

Rahim : Yes, of course. Actually, English is very essential in our everyday life. It is an international language. It is one of the easy ways to communicate with the world’s people.

Karim : I see.

Rahim : It is very helpful for higher education. Because all the books of higher educations are written in English.

Karim : Really!

Rahim :  Good knowledge in English is very helpful to get a good job.

Karim : Oh, I see.

Rahim : Well, English is an important language. In every sphere of life we need English. To be a doctor, an engineer, a professor, a banker you must learn English.

Karim  : But learning English seems very difficult to me.

Rahim   : You’re right. I think the traditional method of learning English is not quite good in our country.

Karim  : Then how are you learning English?

Rahim   :  I am learning English at an English learning center near our school by some natives and foreign experts.

Karim  : Would you please help me to have same opportunity?

Rahim : Of course. I’ll take you there and do everything in this regard.

Karim : So, we all should learn English.

Rahim : You are right. I learned a lot of information about necessity or importance of learning English from you.

Karim : Very good.

Rahim : Thank you very much.

Karim : You are most welcome.

Rahim : Take care. Goodbye.

Karim : you also take care. Goodbye.


A dialogue between me and my friend about the importance of learning English -2

Rahat : What are you watching so attentively?

Karim : A global Animal Nature show

Rahat : Do you understand the language they
are saying?

Karim : Yes. I can speak and understand English very well.

Rahat : Please point out some important facts, about the significant of learning English. I am joining a three months course to learn it. So I am very much interested.

Karim : As you can see, you will be able to watch international TV shows and affairs.

Rahat : Tell me more.

Karim: Ok. By learning English, you can gain the quality to express your thoughts towards global natives.Rahat: That’s awsome

Rahat : Awesome.

Karim : As the lingua franca, English is used in most of countries. So, If you want to make a tour in a foreign country, English is a must.

Rahat : You ar right. English can be said the border breaker of the huge earth.

Karim : Do you know that in order to open a bank account nowadays English is needed for every citizen?

Rahat : Oh, yes. I have seen that before in my father’s
account opening case.

Karim : To ensure a suitable and a secure job English can help you out.

Rahat : Of course. I will work hard to develop my
skills in English Tank you so much.

Karim : Welcome, friend.