SSCSSC Dialogue

Write A dialogue between two friends about Dengue fever

There is a dialogue between myself, Sorot and my friend, Mahadi about Dengue fever is given below.


Sorot                : Hi, Raiyan. You look very pensive today. What happened?

Mahadi            : Actually, I’m a little bit tensed about Dengue fever. Nowadays, many people

are being attacked by Dengue.

Sorot                : Really, that’s a matter of concern. Yesterday, I came to know that three

people died of dengue in our city.

Sorot                : Hey ! you know what is Dengue and what’s its parameters these days.

Mahadi            :dengue is a kind of disease which spread due to mosquitoes mainly Aedes Aegypti


Sorot                : Thanks for giving me this information.  Could you tell me about symptoms?

Mahadi            : Suffering  from severe head ache, having pain behind the eyes, experiencing

nausea and fatigue, experiencing even the severe joint and muscle  pain, had skin

rash, which appeared two to five days after.

the onset of fever.

Mahadi            : You will get sever fever. Pain in mussels and serious head ache. There may be

bleeding in your eyes, teeth or lips.

Mahadi            : What are the causes dengue?

Sorot                : The main reason of Dengue is female aedes mosquitos. They bear the viruses of

Dengue fever. The usually bit people in the morning and evening.

Mahadi            : What is the best solution of Dengue?

Sorot                : Well. You might have heard that prevention is better than cure. Aedes mosquitoes

lay their egg on water which is more than 3 days. So, we should make our

surrounding neat and clean. So, they won’t increase.

Mahadi           : What to do if anyone is affected with dengue?

Sorot                : One should immediately consult a doctor. After proper treatment, dengue can be

cured. If proper treatment is not taken, dengue may be fatal. In critical situation the                                      patent need to be given platelet.

Mahadi              : So, once a person gets dengue fever, he/she is safe and wont get again;  Am I right?

Sorot                  : No, you are wrong; If anyone gets second time with weakened immune system,

he/she is believed to be at greater risk

Mahadi              : You’re right. At the same time, government should make people aware about the

symptoms of dengue and how to tackle it.

Sorot                 : Yep. We should use mosquito-curtain when we sleep for our safety.

Mahadi             : Nice to have a healthy discussion about Dengue. Thank you very much.

Sorot                 : Thank you too. Bye.