SSCSSC Dialogue

Write a dialogue between two friends on importance of games and sports

Here is a dialogue between two friends on importance of games and sports.

Taposh : Good afternoon.

Milon   : Good afternoon. Where are you going?

Taposh : I’m going to the club.

Milon   : What do you do there, friend?

Taposh : Play tennis there with my friends.

Milon   : Do you play tennis every day?

Taposh : Almost every day. It keeps my body and mind fit. Do you play any game, Jarif?

Milon   : Yes. Of course!

Taposh : Which games do you play?

Milon   : I play cricket and football to keep myself fit.

Taposh :  Sounds great. That’s why you are always in cheerful mode.

Milon   : May be. Games are essential for sound health.

Taposh : You are right. But some people don’t play any game. They think games and sports

are totally disgusting and wasting of  time.

Milon   : How wrong they are! They don’t know the importance of games and sports.

Taposh : Actually, they don’t know that different kinds of games help us to be active and


Milon   : Absolutely right. People who don’t play any game always suffer from one or the

other ailment.

Taposh : Not only this, games keep us healthy and also teach us discipline.

Milon   : It’s also an important point. We all know that discipline is very essential for the

progress of an individual as well as the  whole nation.

Taposh : It’s said that all work and no play makes you a dull boy.

Milon   : Actually, it’s the fact. You know that, Games teach us the spirit of sportsmanship. It

also develop the quality of leadership among us

Taposh : Health is wealth, is an old saying. So, we must play games to maintain our health.

Milon   : Right you are. The benefits of games and sports can hardly be described in short. They are

not only an excellent source of entertainment but also an effective way of keeping in a

sound physical and mental wealth.
Taposh : Not only that, my dear. They are a great catalyst for socialization and promoting friendship

and brotherhood among the generations.
Milon   : You’ve rightly said. But the very benefit of games and sports that allures me most is the

fitness issue. You know games and sports are a very common and effective way for us to

keep our body fit, active and fresh as well.

Taposh :Yes. I agree with you.JaberMay I take leave of you now? I’m getting late.

Milon   : With great pleasure. I don’t want to detain you.

Taposh : See you again.

Milon   : Good bye, friend.