SSCSSC Dialogue

Write a dialogue between two friends about proper use of time


A dialogue between me (Nabil) and my friend (Rohit) about proper use of time—

Nabil    : Hello Rohit. Nice to meet you.

Rohit    : Me too. How are You?

Nabil    : Fine. Thank you. And how about you?

Rohit    : I’m fine too. But I am worried about my studies.

Nabil    : Worried! Why?

Rohit    : I always cut a sorry figure in the examination.

Nabil    : I see.

Rohit    : You’ve always been on top in your exams. What is the secret of your brilliant results?

Nabil    : Hard work. You have to study regularly.

Rohit    : I read seriously when the exam approaches. Do You maintain any process to make the

proper use of time.

Nabil    : Yes, definitely. I maintain routine in my daily activity. This is my habit and, in this way, I

can. make the best use of my time.

Rohit    : How do you get benefited from this routine?

Nabil    : Look at the routine. I’ve budgeted my time for every work like reading, bathing, eating,

watching TV, taking rest, sleeping and even for helping my mother in the kitchen.

Rohit    : Can you exactly follow this?

Nabil    : Certainly not. But by following this routine I can easily understand if I happen to lose my

time by watching TV or sleeping too much; and, attempt to recover the loss. Thus I can

ensure the proper use of my time.

Rohit    : What do you do on holiday? Don’t you go to visit anywhere?

Nabil    : Look below at the routine. Here I’ve some programs on the holiday and during leisure.

Then I go to visit somewhere, work in my garden, play with friends, read story books, play

game on computer or simply enjoy sleeping. But if I have any left-out school work, I give it


Rohit    : Oh, Nabil. Today you’ve taught me a lot. I was afraid of daily routine. But now I know how

to use time properly.

Nabil    : I have another point. We can form the habit of rising early in the morning. At this we’ll get a

lot of time to do our work.

Rohit    : Sure. Besides, we should remember the wise saying: Don’t put off your work for tomorrow.

Nabil    : And, time once lost is lost forever.

Nabil    : Don’t you think this may help one shine in life?

Rohit    : Of course Nabil. Using time properly is the quality of the great.

Nabil    : Oh, then, you’re going to be great.

Rohit    : Ha! Ha! Ha! And, you’re already great!

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