JSC Dialogue📖Class VIII

Write a dialogue between you and your elder brother about the importance of using dictionary

There is a dialogue between you and your elder brother about the importance of using dictionary.

Myself                     : Good afternoon, Tanim.

Elder Brother        : Good afternoon, Hatim. How are you?

Myself                     : I’m fine and what about you?

Elder Brother        : I’m also fine. How about your studies?

Myself                     : I’m going on well with my studies. But now I’m thinking about a very important                                     matter.

Elder Brother        : What’s that?

Myself                     : About looking up words in the dictionary.

Elder Brother        : Is this the fact? Have you started using dictionary


Myself                      : Yes, I’ve. But I find it hard to look up my desired words instantly in the                                                    dictionary. How can I get those words easily, friend?

Elder Brother         : Haven’t you learnt it yet?

Myself                      : Actually, I’m a new user. Would you mind suggesting me the ways of looking                                          up  words in the dictionary?

Elder Brother         : I would never mind. To look up a word in the dictionary, your first work is to                                          open the page where you can find the first letter of your desired world.

Myself                      : I’ve got this point before. Then what should I do?

Elder Brother         : Then you will have to match the second letter by turning over the pages or in

the page.

Myself                      : If I follow this way, then sometimes I find the wrong word. Can you tell me the


Elder Brother         : You should proceed on matching the letters of the third, the fourth and so on

to  look up your desired word. And then you can look up the meaning, opposite

words, Parts of Speech and the usages of the word easily just following the

word. Have you got it now? Myself: Certainly, I’ve got it clearly.

Elder Brother        : Will you be able to look up words in the dictionary independently in future?

Myself                     : Of course, I’ll. Thank you so much for your kind suggestion.

Elder Brother        : You’re most welcome.

Myself                     : Bye, friend. See you later.

Elder Brother        : Bye, see you