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Write A Letter To Police Commissioner About Anti Social Activities


20 February 2023

The Superintendent of Police,
Faridpur Zila Police,
Faridpur, Dhaka


Subject– Regarding anti social activities

Respected sir,

I, Shahid Sharif, of the below mentioned address would like to draw your kind attention towards the increasing anti-social activities in my area. The anti-social activities have increased in the last month when some new neighbours moved into our locality. Now, these activities have really started to bother the people living in the area. They don’t have a proper time table. There are always loud noises coming from their house, we have tried to warn them but they don’t listen to us. Recently, they have also started to play loud music very late hours into the night. They also pick up arguments and fights with the elderly members of our locality. We have tried to stop them on multiple occasions but they started physically attacking us.

I request you to look into the matter and help us to bring an end to this nuisance in our life. We will be highly grateful for your help in this situation.Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

Shahid Sharif,

Kazi Motahar Hossain Road 9/A, Faridpur-7800

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