JSC Letter📖Class VIII

Write a letter to your brother advising him to take part in games and sports

10 November, 2021

Komlapur, Faridpur

My Dear Brother,

I got your letter yesterday. We all are fine here. I hope you are also well. I came to know from your friends that you have become a bookworm.  You do not play any game. Your body has become very weak. Games are very important in life. They keep our body and mind healthy.

Oh! Dear brother do not forget that all work and no play makes you a dull boy. For achieving good results in your studies you must also develop good body besides a brilliant mind. Games will keep you fit and help you too in your studies. So please do take part in sports arranged at your school. I hope you will follow my good advice and act upon it. Allow me to close my letter here with best wishes to you.

You should take part in the games in your free time. I will come to meet you soon. Take care of yourself.


Your sister



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