JSC Letter

Write a Letter to Your Younger Brother Asking Him to Be Disciplined and Regular in His Daily Life

10 November, 2021

Komlapur, Faridpur

Dear Hasan,

I am glad to receive your letter today. In your letter you have stated that you are afraid because of the ensuing exam. I would like to suggest you not to take it seriously. If you take it easy you will see that you have become normal and are getting back your courage. You have written that you have taken good preparation.

Dear brother, We all are so proud of you that you got promoted to class VII .But last year your attendance was very low. It had affected your studies badly because you did not have the notes. But this year you have board exams. It is the foundation of your career so just be regular in school and complete your notes on time. In life it is very important to be disciplined, organized and punctual. I hope you understand what I am telling you and you will follow that completely because. You are world’s best little brother.

A good boy watches T.V and plays other games when he prepares his lessons. I think that you are going on with full speed with a view to obtaining good marks in all subjects. As you spend your precious time fruitfully you will get your dues in time. No more today.


Yours ever,



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