SSC Letter

Write a letter to your Foreign friend describing about tribal people live in Bangladesh

Uttara, Dhaka

Date: 17-01-20

My dear Alan,
Hope you are well. I am also fine. I am giving a short description about tribal people live in Bangladesh. The Indigenous People of Bangladesh are living mostly in the Chittagong Hilly areas. The communities are defined as distinct people socially, economically, and politically. They are also known as Tribal People or Ethnic Group or Minorities in Bangladesh. The life and culture of the Indigenous people are extremely fascinating. They are mostly from Buddhists. Some of the communities are also from Christians, Hindus as well as Animists. The primitive lifestyles are also seen among most of the ethnic group. In general, women do more hard-working activities than males.

The indigenous people are highly self-reliant. They like to lead a very simple life. On the other hand, they produce most of the daily necessities including food, clothes. Most of the tribal people can talk into two language – the language of the state and their own language (dialect). According to the communities, they have their own rites and rituals. Even they wear distinct dress. The women know some special skills including weaving the cloths, making traditional foods of the community and observing their own culture. In general, they lead a simple life and they are peace seeker and hospitable. In any critical condition, they go forward with one another.

Important to realize, according to the Statistics Bureau, there are 27 tribal groups in Bangladesh. No more today give best regards to your parents and love to younger.

Yours truly

Hasan Ul Hakim