JSC Letter📖Class VIII

Write a letter to your friend describing the bad effects of smoking.



February 23,2022

My dear Hasibul

At the beginning of the letter, take my cordial love. I am sorry that you have been addicted to smoking.You know that smoking is a bad habit. It does a lot of harm to us. A single puff of cigarette smoke contains 15 billion particles of substances which are very dangerous for health. Smoking causes cancer, heart attack and other fatal diseases. Excessive smoking may lead a person for premature death. Cigarettes contain carbon monoxide, nicotine, methyl alcohol which all are poisonous. It damages the lung and causes cancer, heart attack, blood pressure, etc. It wastes a lot of money. It also damages the eyesight. I hope you will give it up as soon as possible and keep your health sound.

I would suggest you to give up smoking just now. Firm determination of mind will help you in this respect. Never indulge in such dangerous habit again.


Your ever,




From,                                                                             To,

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