JSC Paragraph📖Class VIII

A Book Fair


(a) What is a book fair?

(b) When and where does the book fair hold?

(c) How long does it last?

(d) Who participate in a book fair?

(e) What types of books are sold here?


A Book Fair

A book fair is an attractive fair where various types of books are displayed. Nowadays it has become very popular. Many book fairs are held in different places every year. The Ekushe Boi Mela is the main book fair in our country. It is held in Bangla Academy premises on the occasion of 21st February. Book fairs are now held in every city and town too. A book fair may last for a week or even a month. Hundreds of publishers participate in it. Different types of books are sold here. Books of drama, fiction, story, noble etc. are sold here. The stalls are decorated beautifully. A large number of children, male and female customers gather in a book fair. A book fair becomes crowded specially in the evening. One can buy one’s choice able books in cheaper rate from the book fair, However, a book fair is a source of knowledge and pleasure. It broadens our mind. It is a part and parcel of our national life. Moreover, strict security measures should be taken. The government should encourage the writers and the writers and the publishers to publish creative books. Books should be sold at a cheap price.