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A dialogue between two friends about how to improve skills in English

A dialogue between two friends about how to improve skills in English.

Sultan : Hello Salim! How are you?

Salim   : I am fine and you?

Sultan  : I am fine too. How about your preparation for the coming examination?

Salim   : Yes, it is so good. I hope I will get A+.

Sultan  : But I am afraid of the examination. My preparation in English is not so well. You know I am

weak in English. Suggest me how I can develop my skills in English.

Salim   : You have to develop the four language skills if you want to develop your overall skill in


Sultan  : What are these four skills? And how can I develop these skills?

Salim   : These skills are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In order to develop your writing

skill you have to learn the basic grammar rules.

Sultan  : Oh, I see. But is that all?

Salim   : No. Every day you have to write some pages. Besides, you have to learn new vocabulary and

their correct use and spelling. You have to write your diary in English every day.

Sultan  : But how can I develop my reading skill?

Salim   : By reading English newspapers daily, you can develop your reading skill easily.

Sultan  : But what about pronunciation?

Salim   : You can watch BBC, CNN, National Geographic Channel or English news on television to

develop your pronunciation skill. You can also speak in English to one another in the class.

Sultan  : It is an excellent idea. Thank you very much for your wise suggestions.

Salim   : You are most welcome. See you again.