SSCSSC Dialogue

A dialogue between two friends about morning walk

There is a dialogue between two friends about morning walk

Rohit    : A morning walk is the best exercise which can keep all of us fit and fresh for whole of the


Sopnil  : You are right, this is an exercise which us suitable for all, whether young or old.

Rohit    :  A walk in the morning time refreshes the mind and improves the health. It is a light          exercise and highly beneficial for physical fitness.

Sopnil  : The lungs are provided with fresh air which is very essential for the body.

Rohit    : It is for this reason the doctors always recommend the patients for having a morning walk.

Sopnil  : There is no doubt that it is not very easy for some persons to get up early in the morning,

particularly in the winter season.

Rohit     : But I think those who have formed a regular habit of raising early, for them a morning        walk is a must. Even if they miss it for one day only, they feel very lazy and miss something for whole of the day later on.

Sopnil    : Generally in small towns the people go out for a walk in the fields which are quite near. In

certain towns, where there are also canals, people can enjoy their morning walk along its


Rohit    : On the other hand in big cities, like Dhaka, Chattogram and Rajshahi people cannot have

the opportunity to go into the fields for a walk every day.

Sopnil  : There they can either have a walk on the roads in the early morning or they can go to the

public parks where they can enjoy fresh air.

Rohit     : In this way, a morning walk is different in a small town like Faridpur and a big city like


Sopnil   : But a morning walk becomes a must for all the city dwellers. This is the only time when

they can hope to breathe in fresh air.

Rohit     : While walking through the fields in small towns early in the morning one can enjoy the

beautiful scenery of nature. A cool breeze is also blowing at this time and one feels very


Sopnil   : The birds who rise early in the morning, are chirping in the bushes and on the branches of

the tree. Some farmers are also ploughing the fields while others are busy reaping the

standing crops.

Rohit    : In the cities the people generally go to the public parks for a walk. One can see many old

men walking or doing light exercises.

Sopnil   : We may also find some persons doing exercises on the green grass. One can also find        many familiar faces in the garden.

Rohit     : One can see the beautiful flowers of many colours blooming in the garden. Here one can

walk on the green grass after removing the shoes or do some light exercises like running                  etc.

Sopnil   : The fresh air and he pleasant calmness is very pleasing.

Rohit    : Some people may also take many rounds of the garden.

Sopnil   : We can always find some people walking leisurely, while others briskly.

Rohit     : In fact, we should never miss a morning walk whether it is a hot summer or cold winter.

Sopnil   : Morning walk is all the more essential for the fat persons. If they regularly go out for a

walk, then they can also reduce their weight.

Rohit     : Usually, in the winter season there is less rush in the gardens whereas in the summer

vacation the parks are full of school and college students.

Sopnil   : There is no doubt that the whole scene in the early morning is worth seeing.

Rohit     : In reality, a morning walk is just like a food for our body. It helps us in keeping a sound

body which is very essential for a sound mind.