HSCHSC Paragraph

Folk Music

Folk music consists of songs and music of a community that are uninfluenced by any sophisticated musical rules or any standard music styles. Bangladesh has a heritage of rich folk music which includes both religious and secular songs.Folk music may be described as that type of ancient music which springs from the heart of a community, based on their natural style of classical music and modern popular songs. Any mode or form created by the combination of tune, voice and dance may be described as music. Thus, the combination of folk song, folk dance and folk tune may be called folk music. Folk songs may be sung individually or in chorus. Folk songs sung individually include Baul, Bhatiyali, Murshidi, Marfati, while songs sung in chorus include Kabigan, Leto, Alkap and Gambhira. Some songs are regional in character, but others are common to both Bangladesh and West Bengal. Similarly, some songs belong distinctively to one religious community, Hindu or Muslim others cross religious boundaries. Some songs belong exclusively to men, others to women, while some are sung by both men and women. Thus only women compose and sing Bratagan and Meyeli Git, but both men and women participate in the ‘roof-beating’ songs that are sung while beating down and firming rooftops. The culture and the lifestyle of the different tribes have also influenced folk music. Tribes like the Santal, Garo, Hajong, Chakma, Monipuri, Tripuri, Marma etc. have interacted with ethnic Bengali culture and lifestyle over the years. The interaction has been clearly reflected in the richness of folk music.


Folk music is one of the unforgettable parts of our country. It’s an integral part of our culture. It keeps our culture alive. People need folk music for the satisfaction of their souls. People of every age listen to folk music. Some people are crazy about folk music. Folk music is now widely popular. Our country is rich in folk music. When people want to listen to music, they listen to folk music. There can be a lot of folk music. Folk music is really interesting. People of the country love to listen to folk songs. There are a huge number of writers for folk songs. In the history of the country, there are a lot of folk music creators. All of the folk songs are popular. People in the countryside love to hear folk songs. Besides people love video making and good communication. Song stars create songs with new ideas and shapes. Some of the popular stars for folk songs in the country are Lalon shah, Abdul Karim, Hasan Raza and Abbas Uddin. People started to love their songs. This kind of star has taken folk songs to another level. Folk song history was not like this before. They have generated more than thousands of songs for the Bengali people. The songs are filled with love and attraction. Folk songs are connected to our old traditions. Folk songs are not followed by any kind of rule or system. Folk songs are not like modern songs. People in rural areas compose folk songs. But unfortunately, there is not a wide range of practice of folk songs. But we have to remember that it’s the tradition of our culture. People of our country should be aware that we don’t lose the tradition of folk songs. Government should be aware of saving old songs traditions and culture.


Bangladesh is rich in folk music tradition. Folk music is a communal song which is not influenced by any kind of standard instrument and can be followed by any religion. This kind of music doesn’t follow any ancient or modern rules. The songs are composed by the people of rural areas. Folk songs are sung in chosur or solo. Our country has a lot more instruments for a folk songs like dhol, dotara, bashi and khajani. These instruments are made especially for folk songs. Some the singers like Abdul alim, Lalon shah, Hasan raja and Abbas Uddin are folk singers of the country. The singers follow a tribal and traditional lifestyle. Nowadays Momtaz has become so popular. She is one of the best composers of folk songs in our country. It’s seen in the new generation that they don’t like folk songs like the old generation people. They don’t like to practice folk songs. Some of the community avoid these songs. But we can’t forget these songs. Folk songs are part of our culture. We have different types of folk songs. All of the songs are popular with the local people. People who love Bangla songs love folk songs. Singers of the folk songs have written so many folk songs. People from every religion love folk songs. Folk songs are so different. The lyrics of every song are different. People in rural areas and villages love folk songs. People from the new generation have given folk songs a new shape and view. To save the folk music of our country we have to avoid western music and culture. We can not neglect our old traditions. We have to save the folk songs and our culture. We have should not let our songs get lost. Folk songs also have a bright future.