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Paragraph: A Weding Ceremony that I attended

A weding ceremony is always replete with thrill and enjoyment in my opinion. Recently I have attended a weeding ceremony on the occasion of one of my friends’ elder sister.  First the ceremony began with an exception that the holding spot of the ceremony was a community center, Alauddin Community Centre, Dhaka. The entrance of the Centre was embellished with various flowers; natural and hacked, crimson lac and ribbon, white cloth, leafy twigs of oak tree and the like. The banquet room was arranged with many chairs and dinning tables with embroidered with cloth upon. The bridal chamber wore a celestial look with the variety of meretricious ornamentation and with embalmed mood. A group of cheering girls with same dress with same dress were always ready to entertain all the attendants. Nearly three hundred guests attended there. The guest got entertained duly. They were offered heartiest reception and different kinds of delicious and appetizing dishes with their heart’s content. The formalities of the marriage were completed in a hearty environment. Then the bridegroom along with his newly married wife got board on an excellent car and went to his residence. I felt delighted as the occasion gave me an opportunity to enjoy a pleasant evening.